Aadeshwar Academy has introduced a Gifted and Talented section for various classes where a high -qualify RICH CURRICULLAM shall act as a catalyst in developing a wide variety of academically gifted learners.

It is an effort to give a platform to all those who should become luminaries in life and whose abilities may have gone undiscovered and therefore rendered worthless in school because they would not have fit the traditional leaning atmosphere.

With advanced learning opportunities and total support for recognition and development of abilities of gifted children , Aadeshwar Academy has taken a decisive initiative to change the face of education in India.

Aadeshwar Academy makes the learning process pleasurable by providing a happy and stimulating educational environment. Our curriculum is both supportive and progressively challenging, So that each child may develop to his/her own potential. The inbuilt flexibility in curriculum gives the pupils opportunities for making choices that meet their needs, abilities and aspirations. The curriculum is enhanced by propositions from visiting experts e.g. Scientists, Sports persons, Artists, Educationists etc. In addition, the school Management patronises curriculum improvement and enhancement as proposed by board of Studies.

Board of studies (BOS) consists of eminent educationists along with representatives form among school teachers, management and the pupils. They discuss possibilities of improvement in the same and submit their suggestions to the school management for incorporation of the same in the curriculum. The most interesting aspect of BOS is that pupils have a say in what they want to learn.

Pre- Primary Education

Nursery to U.K.G.

For Pre- Primary children school is home away from home. The entire curriculum is therefore child - centered and follows an innovative approach that makes teaching and learning extremely enjoyable.

Primary Education (Class I to V)

A multidisciplinary approach to academics at primary level helps the development of appropriate competence and attitude of pupils. English , Hindi, Mathematics, Environment studies, Computer science, Art Music and Dance are among the core learning components of the curriculum. In totality, it inspires the pupils to be knowledgeable, innovative, creative and confident.

Middle and Secondary Education (Class VI to X)

At this stage NCERT curriculum is more avidly pursued. The emphasis is to create learning experience that help learning for life and make it completely stress free. English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Studies are core learning disciplines. In addition, Sanskrit is also being taught.

Senior Secondary Education (Classes XI & XII)

The school offers senior secondary education in three steams - science (Medical & non - Medical), Commerce and Humanities. NCERT curriculum shall be strictly followed. However, several options for broadening the learning in the form of extracurricular activities are incorporated in the learning routine.

The Process of Teaching & Learning

The teaching of the curriculum at Aadeshwar Academy is pupil oriented. A diverse range of learning experience is provided to challenge the pupil. The school promotes an environment of discovery based learning. Wherever possible, learning is by giving hands - on experience to There are opportunities for children to work as a part of the class or a smaller group, and as individuals.
Aadeshwar Academy has a very effective learning support mechanism where subject and/ or support teacher work in consultation with class teachers to ensure that each child receives the maximum and most appropriate assistance possible. Teachers may assist children on a one to one basis; in a group whose needs are similar; or with the whole class; whichever is felt to be most suitable & effective.
Pupil assessment at Aadeshwar Academy is given a strong emphasis. Our 'CIRCULAR ASSESSMENT' method uses both informal & formal approaches for continuous and comprehensive assessment of the pupils all round the year. The assessment is made on the basis of pupil's participation in curricular and extra - curricular activities. The pupil's progress across these aspects is regularly communicated through detailed written reports to parents.

Campus News

Admission Open For new Session 2014-15

Pre Board Examination For class 10th and 12th commence form 10th February

Coaching classes for competitive exam(AIEEE,IIT,AIPMT,NEET) started for new session2014-2015

Adventure trip (NAGPUR) for student in March.

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Aadeshwar Academy was established in 2006 & sprouted up with a mission to achieve academic, cultural and sporting excellence. Our edification is based on the philosophy to provide high quality of education.
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